Lopez Island Family Resource Center

The Lopez Island Family Resource Center offers programs and services to support, enrich, educate, and most importantly empower the Lopez community. We recognize the realities of island life; our programs celebrate the advantages and address the challenges of our small, isolated community.

When children, families, and individuals face difficult times, we act as a safety net, helping them meet basic needs through:

ACCESS TO HOUSEHOLD SUPPORTS –The LIFRC assures household stability by offering assistance with housing, applications or referrals to support services for food, energy assistance, transportation, clothing, healthcare, mental health counseling, and many more programs.

SOCIAL EMOTIONAL SUPPORT –The LIFRC provides social activities and programs, as well as play-therapy and counseling resources.

LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES -The LIFRC enriches learning experiences for individuals of all ages and support for small businesses.

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You will need a credit/debit card to register

YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS -The LIFRC provides positive role models and educational activities that promote healthy youth development.

ADVOCATING FOR A JUST COMMUNITY –The LIFRC works with other organizations and community members to host community conversations about important issues, facilitate meetings to address community needs and create systems changes, and implement the Compassionate Schools/Community Philosophy.

Above all, our goal is to facilitate the building of bridges within our unique community, allowing people to connect as teachers, mentors, helpers, and friends.  If you would like to learn more about the Resource Center, please visit: LIFRC Presentation 2016.

To answer any questions or provide additional information, please call us at (360) 468-4117 or email us at lifrc@rockisland.com


Birth Story Healing Workshop

The Resource Center is excited to offer a free birth story healing workshop to moms that have experienced a difficult or traumatic birth of a child.

A highly recommended doula and childbirth educator, Barrie Rein Thuneman (http://www.fullmoonbirthseattle.com/barrie-rein-thunemann/), will be facilitating the workshop. The workshop will be from 9 am-1 pm on Saturday, October 21, and the location is still to be determined. We plan to provide childcare if we hear that it is needed, since we would like for only moms to come to the workshop (no children).

Here is a little bit about what you might expect from the workshop, but Barrie is also happy to adjust it based on the needs of the group:
-Creating personal labyrinths on paper with pastels (metaphor for the journey of labor, birth and parenting)
-Storytelling (sharing great stories as a tool for finding new meaning and personal reflection)
-Birth story medicine work to assist individuals in reframing and finding new meaning in their birth experiences
-Time for personal reflection and journaling
-Group processes to facilitate connection amongst the group members

We would like moms to feel comfortable attending and sharing at it, so we will try to keep the workshop to about 10 moms (max).

Please spread the word to moms that you think might be interested!

Registration is required. To register or get more information, please contact Heather at 468-4117 or heather@lifrc.org.


Barrie Rein Thunemann