Learning Opportunities

The LIFRC works to ensure a variety of learning opportunities for Lopezians.  These learning opportunities include:

  • Summer Workshops
  • Sail Lopez
  • Employment & Life Skills Classes (Fall/Winter & Winter/Spring)
  • Business Peer Mentoring Groups
  • Small Business Classes & Consultations
  •  Technology Lab
  • English Language Learners (ELL) classes

A Story: Summer Workshops

In the spring, before our summer brochure had even been printed, a relative entered the LIFRC office with a desperate plea. A family member was in trouble—financial issues, domestic violence, and struggles with mental health and substance abuse. Healthy activities were needed for the children.

She was aware of LIFRC’s Summer Workshop Program and wanted to know if there was any way we could help her financially to provide healthy, self-esteem building summer activities for the children. She had a job and needed to work so she would not be consistently at home with them, and also wanted to help give them opportunities for normalcy and enjoyment in their lives.

The Resource Center was able to provide the family with scholarships for a full array of summer workshops, ranging from sailing lessons, to art and music camps, and off-island field trips including a week long overnight camping. Afterward we received a letter stating… “This was the best week of my summer….I loved being out in nature and learned so much.” The kids returned to school feeling energized and proud of the new skills they had learned and with greater self-confidence to take on the challenges in their life.

Demands for scholarships this past year were higher than any other in the program’s 17 year history. This family is just one of 38 families and 71 children that received financial assistance through the generosity of United Way, the Lion’s Club, the Thrift Shop and community contributions to participate in a choice of 103 diverse and exciting summer workshops through the LIFRC’s Summer Workshop Program. This also would not have been possible without financial assistance to subsidize teacher salaries, supplies and travel expenses.