Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness: No Names

“Someone greeted me with a hug!; Someone told me, “Hey, you look great!; – Two people held the door open for me at two different stores; the folks at the Pharmacy let me borrow a pair of scissors and use their phone.”

“During Earth Day Clean up, A team found a nice dog running free out towards Shark Reef. They put a temporary leash on him from twine they found along the road, made some phone calls, and the owner came and got him. 4/27/17”

“A man gave us his spot in the extra-long ferry line on Easter Sunday so my husband could get to his cancer treatment 7.5 hours away.”

“Someone returned keys to the TIOLI.  Owner recovered.”

“A friend treated my wife and me to a cup of hot tea at the Vortex!  Thank you!”

One island family, who was getting new furniture, gave another island family that recently moved into a bigger house, some furniture.  Win-win!

“Somebody treated me to a delicious Mocha at Isabel’s!  Hey, it was great, thanks”

“My dad bought my brother and I a treat.”

“Standing in line at the grocery store I realized I forgot my wallet. I turned to go put my groceries away and an acquaintance said “I got this. How much do you need?”

“Our neighbor comes over to walk with my husband who had Parkinson’s disease and might fall down.”

“I was short on change at the post office and the woman behind me offered to give me the change.”

“Some of the Compassion Lopez materials blew away in the wind by the preschool, and a very kind woman picked it all up for LIFRC staff. Thank you!”

“The Emergency Squad on Lopez Island has been very kind to me.  They make me feel like they are fine with seeing me and helping me when I’ve needed the squad.  Thank you for your kindness and compassion.”

“A special Thank You to Fudge Factory for all their attention to detail in making the best fudge I’ve ever had.  The way they treat their customers and the extraordinary services they provide like shipping and packaging is remarkable. The Ice Cream is also A+ and a special treat for kids, adults, tourists, and Lopezians.  Thank You for your kindness and gentleness as extra traits to your quality service and products.”

“My boat sank during Dec. before Christmas. Two wonderful, compassionate people jumped in and saved my instruments, ropes, clothing, books”

“My friend taught me how to mend a broken hose and week wacker.”

“A woman selflessly and devotedly cleans and tidies the yoga studio, generously offers candles for the altar, freshens the flowers and leaves a wake of beauty wherever she goes.”

“She offered to buy fudge for her friends without being prompted.”

“A friend makes me an espresso coffee every morning with my name on it.”

“My friend lent me her sewing kit so I could make my moss hat for the species parade.”

“Someone gave me three passenger ferry tickets at the Anacortes ferry terminal.”

“People in orange vests picking up trash.”

“October 2016 at the Korean Spa in Lynnwood WA. My car was dead. The owner came out and jumped my car. Still dead. His friend drove up. They took out my battery, drove me to an auto parts store where I bought a new battery, and they then installed my battery! Just so kind! I was completely WOWED.”


Random Acts of Kindness: With Names

“My Friend Gloria Smith Hunt, who gave me rides when my car broke down Easter week.   My BFF & Sweetest Ever.”

“Special call out to the awareness of art and craft of Molly Swan-Sheeran. Her compassion for nature flows through her writings.”

“Kimberly Taylor always takes me by a pleasant surprise. Her ability to always make another act for others is amazing.”

“Patti Gobin.  Thank you, Patti, We need your leadership and teachings and you come even when it is not convenient for you.  Love and Compassion is what you always give us.”

“Barbara Pickering deserves her name placed here. She has always been kind and considerate to me, someone who cannot offer her much of anything. I am grateful she has been in my life.”

“Even Stephenson always hears what others say about their lives and understands that most feel sadness and joy about life. He often ‘steps back’ so that others can take the limelight. Even is so kind sometimes, it makes me want to cry.”

“Ruthie and Harold Van Doren are kind and heartfelt sweet people. They go out of their way to make sure everyone feels comfortable and never leave anyone out of conversations or interactions.  They make you feel like they recognize everyone as worthy human beings.”

“Don Barringer shows compassion in his helpfulness to others just for the pleasure of the interaction of helping.”

“Alec Taylor has a kind word for everyone and always makes everyone feel included.”

“William Yukluk, Thank you for all your kindnesses. You are a compassionate young man who likes to help people in the community. You treat older people well, and that is almost a forgotten art.  Thank you.”

“I saw Gary South help someone by giving them a glass of water!”

“Mo Pomietto & Scott Pinegar organized a “Welcome Home” part of neighbors and friends for our Timberland Home delivery.  Deeply touching after the very recent death of my mother.  They fed us, helped worked…hugged us lots and have been overall Godsends!  Bastians of Compassionn!  Thanks Mo and Scott!”   –signed, Nikyta & Vern

“A Recognition: for the Compassion of Barbara Gurley in her bubbly nature, her care and service to others, and her attitude to the equality of all.”