Primary Intervention Program/Special Friends

The Primary Intervention Program (PIP)/Special Friends Program is a school-based therapeutic play program that the LIFRC has offered for over 20 years. Lopez Elementary School students, referred to the program by teachers, staff, or parents, spend 30 minutes in the playroom once a week. In this one-to-one child-centered playroom setting, children play through situations related to social and emotional skills. Research shows that children who receive this type of support in school may experience increased self-esteem and focus and improved social interactions. The social and emotional support children receive from this program improves their ability to learn successfully.

“My child loves the playroom. This is one of her favorite parts about going to school. I am thankful that she has a place where she feels so comfortable at school.” – Parent

To get more information about the program or to refer your child to the playroom, contact Susie Teague at the LIFRC at (360) 468-4117.