Food Bank

The Food Bank on Lopez Island is made up of three different entities:

Grace Church offers canned goods, rice, pasta, and other non-perishables to anyone in need. It is located just inside the vestibule at Grace Episcopal Church and is open 24/7; no sign-in required.

In addition, surplus government commodities are available at Grace Church the last Friday of every month from 1-2 PM. Sign-in is required. If you’d prefer a confidential pickup, call the LIFRC office; our staff would be happy to assist you.

For more information about the Grace Church Food Bank or monthly commodities distribution, contact Ann Worley at (360) 468-3548.

The Family Resource Center maintains Lopez Fresh, a fresh food bank offering dairy, eggs, produce, etc.  It is also open 24/7; no sign-in reguired. For more information, please visit our Lopez Fresh page.

In addition, Grow A Row, located at the Lopez School is a place with fresh food donated by farmers, and is available during the growing season.  For more information, please contact Denise MacIntosh, or call the Resource Center at 468- 4117.