Household Support

The Lopez Island Family Resource Center assures household stability by offering assistance with housing, applications or referrals to support services for food, energy assistance, transportation, clothing, healthcare, mental health counseling, and many additional programs.


“I am Wendy, an elder, who will enter my eightieth year in one week. My income is fixed at the same level it was in 1980. That may be all I need to say… but I will say more.

The Family Resource Center provides help for me on numerous levels. Without their help, I would not be able to live as well as I do, and would probably be on the street. I have been able to stay in my home with their caring help. With their assistance, I am able to provide heat for my home. As an elder, this is very important.

Each week, I collect food from the Lopez Fresh refrigerators and shelves. I take a daily medication which requires milk, and I am able to get that from this resource. I also am able to supplement my diet with fresh produce. I do not have enough income to buy enough food to stay healthy, and do not qualify for the food stamp program.

My appreciation for the many helping aids from these wonderful workers is HUGE! Many of us fall through the cracks, and are unable or unqualified to receive other help and the Resource Center reaches out to help.

My thanks include the funds that United Way provides to keep this remarkable bunch of people here to assist. I see children, single mothers, and elders being treated with respect and care all the time. Each day, I stop by the little room used for Lopez Fresh. I run into all kinds of folks, who like me, are there to supplement their diet. No one is there to make them feel “less” for being there. Each one is treated with the kindness that make us feel like neighbors, rather than needy.

Money seems to be shrinking on all levels. This is a resource worthy of keeping strong. I for one, would not be able to maintain my life without this help. Thank you for your support!”