Upcoming Compassionate Community Events

We are on our way to creating a great week long set of compassion events for April 22-28. Please join us to continue our work on Monday, January 30th at 4 pm at Vortex.

“COMPASSION LOPEZ – CULTIVATING KINDNESS” will be the official name for our weeklong compassion events.  “LOVE THIS PLACE” will be the theme.

The goal is to build upon and strengthen the compassion in our community with a wide variety of activities that get everyone out interacting with each other.  A detailed document of what was discussed is below. Also, below is the Compassion Charter and Flyer which is mentioned in the summary document.

We Need Your Help By:

  • Sharing this information with others
  • Talking about this with any groups you are involved with
  • Joining our next planning meeting on January 31st at 4:00 pm
  • Thinking about compassion activities you could host during April 22-28
  • If you are a business or organization, becoming a “Compassion HotSpot”
  • Volunteer to help out during April 22-28