Employment & Life Skills

NOTE:  The braising class has been rescheduled for May 18th at 4 pm
at Lexi and Kirm’s house

Our winter/spring Employment and Life Skills brochure is online!

We have a variety of employment skills classes, including classes on using your iPad, creating a site using WordPress, two different tech talks, and the 2 Day MBA class.  There will also be individual QuickBooks consults and one on one business consults, and there are a variety of enrichment and life skill workshops focused on topics such as drawing, braising, photography, cheese making, learning to speak Spanish, and more.

To sign up online for Employment and Life Skills classes, please go to http://lopezislandfamilyresourcecenter.sportsites.com/player/homeplayer.aspx

To get a PDF version of our 2014 winter/spring Employment and Life Skills brochure, please click here: http://lifrc.org/wp-content/uploads/ELS-Winter-Spring-2014-Brochure.pdf