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A special thanks for all the hard work creating and organizing events for Compassion Lopez week on April 21st.

Below is a one page flyer – both color and black and white versions that lists the activities each day.

Also below is a document with a detailed description for each activity.

Thanks to all this incredible effort and dedication, it is going to be a great week packed with many opportunities for people to interact and strengthen compassion.

Compassion Lopez Quick Schedule of Events Color

Compassion Lopez Quick Schedule of Events B&W

Compassion Lopez DETAILED Schedule of Events



Update as of March 6, 2017:

  1. Projects need to be finalized and submitted to LIFRC by Friday, March 17th There are lots of great ideas that we need coordinators for to make them happen.  We need to know which projects will be happening, who is coordinating it, what day of the week, and what time.
  2. A draft of what has been finalized so far is attached.
  3. Thanks to those following up with some new organizations and individuals including Bob O’Connell about the Lopez Wave story, the Historical Society, quilters, and getting some loans of hay bales covered in plastic to decorate in locations around the village.
  4. The next planning meeting is March 14th at 4:00 pm.
  5. Help us spread the word to more organizations on Lopez.
  6.  Thanks for all the creativity and hard work.  It is going to be a fun week.

Compassion Lopez Daily Themes April 2017

Compassion Lopez Potential Projects


The next meeting is on Wednesday, March 1st at 4pm at Grace Church Hall. Come join us!

A special thanks to the growing number of people who are joining us to plan the Compassion Lopez – Cultivating Kindness week from April 21-28.

Lots of great ideas and organization emerged tonight.  Lots of exciting and new ways to build compassion in our community.

Below are the latest things the group has come up with:

  • One page flyer announcing the week
  • Compassion Charter to gather emails to let people know what is going on
  • Daily Themes
  • Suggested Activities and Outreach Sign-up
  • Project Sign-Up Form

Students at school are designing logos for COMPASSION LOPEZ – CULTIVATING KINDNESS, as well as posters that say, COMPASSION HOTSPOT – KINDNESS SHARED HERE.

Please help us spread the word and talk to organizations you are involved with about this compassion work!!  I (Barbara) am happy to come to a meeting or sit down and explain more to anyone interested.

Compassion Charter

Compassion Lopez: Daily Themes

Compassion Lopez Flyer

Compassion Lopez Project Sign-Up Form

Compassion Lopez Suggested Activities and Outreach List

Update as of 1/17/17:

We are on our way to creating a great week long set of compassion events for April 22-28. Please join us to continue our work on Monday, January 30th at 4 pm at Vortex.

“COMPASSION LOPEZ – CULTIVATING KINDNESS” will be the official name for our weeklong compassion events.  “LOVE THIS PLACE” will be the theme.

The goal is to build upon and strengthen the compassion in our community with a wide variety of activities that get everyone out interacting with each other.  A detailed document of what was discussed is below. Also, below is the Compassion Charter and Flyer which is mentioned in the summary document.

We Need Your Help By:

  • Sharing this information with others
  • Talking about this with any groups you are involved with
  • Joining our next planning meeting on January 31st at 4:00 pm
  • Thinking about compassion activities you could host during April 22-28
  • If you are a business or organization, becoming a “Compassion HotSpot”
  • Volunteer to help out during April 22-28

Compassion Charter

Compassionate Communities Planning Document 1.10.17

  • Update as of 11/30/16:
      • Erin Bernardi is working on a peer mediation project at school with 3-5th graders. She is also teaching “the bug and a wish” communication strategy to the students. Erin has also worked with the Compassion Games at a school in Seattle.
      • Nikola Chopra and Carolyn McGown shared that they want to partner with this group to have a community conversation that would follow-up on the “Screenagers” film that was shown.
      • Kim Pascuito is working on several more community conversations with other community organizations.
      • Barbara talked to Karli Anne Christiansen at the Compassion Action Network on 11/18. She had a lot of great suggestions including using this sequence of events:
        1. Start with a day-long event or week long sign-up at different times and locations – where the community signs a Charter for Compassion – each individual making a commitment to participating in this compassion work and sharing emails to learn how they can participate in the future.
        2. Implement Compassion Games – a good game to start with is the “Secret Agents of Compassion” – where for 7-10 days, everyone on the email lists gets a different compassion mission each day, then reports back what they did if they want to. For example, one daily mission could be: “Go talk to someone you don’t know today”.
        3. Living Room Conversations – a format to get into more in-depth conversations about more controversial issues. Host a series on these on topics relevant for Lopez. They are developing a format for these.
  • NEXT STEPS:   Form a committee of people and meet to plan activities for 2017. Let Barbara Gurley know if you are interested.


A special thanks to all who joined us for the Compassionate Schools/Community training with Dr. John Glenewinkel last Friday.  There was lots of great ideas discussed, and we really appreciate all the positive energy and enthusiasm about how to take the already amazing compassion that exists on Lopez and finding ways to grow it further.

Here is a follow-up with a list of what the action steps were:

Action Steps:

LIFRC, school and community find a meeting date to discuss the action items below:

  1. School will identify ways to communicate what they are doing with their compassion efforts with the broader community.
  2. LIFRC with community members  will develop a goal statement and an elevator speech about what our community compassion efforts are all about.
  3. LIFRC and community members will identify organizations to reach out to in order to share the goal/elevator speech and get feedback from others.  Have individuals sign up for organizations they will share this with.
  4. Liz Lafferty volunteered to post this information on Lopez Rocks.
  5. LIFRC and community members talk about hosting community event(s) that encourage compassion and community interaction such as the “Compassion Games”.

Thank you for your energy, commitment and dedication to strengthening our compassionate community.


We had a great turnout of 50+ people at the Paper Tigers Movie on September 23rd.  We also showed it to the 10th-12th graders at school.

Our next step is the Compassionate Community training with Dr. John Glenewinkel on Friday, October 14th from 12-3 pm at Lopez School.  Lunch will be provided.

Please join us to learn new ideas that we can consider for Lopez, share your ideas about this work and ways to collaborate, and help us plan the next steps.

Please RSVP to so we know how many people to plan lunch for.


Please join the Lopez Island Family Resource Center and the Lopez Island School District on September 23rd from 4:30-8:00 pm at Grace Episcopal Church to view the movie “Paper Tigers” (  After the movie is over, we will have a conversation about what compassion means to each of us and how we can all contribute to further strengthening our compassionate community.


This is the first step of a community effort to strengthen our community with a new approach merging science with compassion.  A follow-up training will be held on October 14th with a Dr. John Glenewinkel, Superintendent of the Curlew and Republic School Districts and OSPI trainer from the Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Instruction.  

Paper Tigers follows a year in the life of an alternative high school that has radically changed its approach to disciplining its students, becoming a promising model for how to break the cycles of poverty, violence and disease that affect families.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend either event to




Adverse Childhood Experiences/Compassionate Communities/Coping with Toxic Stress Training with Ron Hertel from OSPI: March 22nd from 12-2 for community members.  Later that afternoon he is training all the school staff and then our youth mentors that evening.

Here is a link about the Compassionate Schools initiative:

Here is the direct link to the compassionate schools handbook: