Basic Food

The Washington State Basic Food program can help you feed your household if you meet the eligibility requirements. Individuals who apply and are approved will receive an EBT card, which can be used discreetly for food purchases at grocery stores, including Lopez Village Market and Blossom Organic Grocery.

Gross income limits are at 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (see chart below). Net income limits and asset limits were also waived under this expansion. Many people who were previously denied assistance are now eligible. Also, if your family qualifies for free and reduced lunch, you are eligible for Basic Food.

Household Size Monthly IncomeĀ (2016)
1 $1,980
2 $2,670
3 $3,360
4 $4,050
5 $4,540

The LIFRC is a Basic Food sub-contractor for Lopez Island, and our staff are here to answer your questions, help you apply, and guide you through the process. Basic Food applications are available at the Lopez Island Library, Lopez Village Market, Blossom Organic Grocery, Islandale Store, and the LIFRC office. If you have questions or would likeĀ help filling out an application, please call us at 360-468-4117 or stop by our office. All inquiries and applications are confidential.